• Joining the Fight Against Cancer

    Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Caring Charities has been continuously raising funds and increasing awareness for cancer research and support for families that are affected by the deadly disease and we are aiming to raise at least $100,000 by October 2020. It is our duty to extend a helping hand and prevent further deaths. Even a small bit of support can make a great deal of difference.

    Donate a little. Spread the cause. Save a life. Make a difference. Change the world.

  • Let’s Help End Homelessness

    Homelessness is a worldwide crisis, with no less than 150 million people considered homeless and more than 1.5 billion people currently living in inadequate shelter. Caring Charities is doing everything in its power to address homelessness around the world by networking with national and international organizations, communities and individuals in order to raise funding, increase awareness and build supportive environments that have the resources to assist the homeless while protecting future generations. .

  • Let’s Fight Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence seldom takes the social spotlight as something with profound impact on the lives of people, and that needs to change. It’s a devastating experience that leaves victims feeling helpless and hopeless about the future, and is commonly linked to the causation of mental illness, suicide, crime and lifelong personal trauma. Caring Charities is shining the spotlight on domestic violence along with its immediate and residual impacts in the hopes of bringing aid to victims, helping them recover, and preventing domestic violence altogether.

  • Help Us Find Cures for Childhood Disease

    Childhood disease affects millions of children every year. Among all of those children, you’ll find thousands of success stories and miracles thanks to the hard work of researchers and charities around the world. Caring Charities is dedicated to helping researchers find cures for childhood diseases that include cancer, genetic defects, and many more by raising much-needed funding, networking with organizations, and capturing the attention of caring people everywhere.

  • Neighbors Helping Disaster Relief

    When disaster strikes, timely assistance and relief helps save lives and prevents avoidable suffering. Caring Charities works with international organizations to quickly deliver relief funds where they belong in the case of disaster. When you work with Caring Charities, you are helping ensure that supplies, materials and manpower reach their destination quickly and in accordance with organized response measures designed to increase survival rates and prevent the further suffering of those affected.